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  Modular Packages
Modular Packages Modular Packages
At ABJ we design, produce and supply process plant equipment modules and skids for the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, water and waste-water....more
  Pressure Vessels
Pressure Vessels Pressure Vessels
ABJ design, manufactures & supply Pressure Vessels such as Reactors, Separators, Desalters, Columns, Absorbers, Adsorbers, Scrubbers...more
  Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Heat Exchangers
Covered & open Blasting & Painting facilities together with Automatic Blasting Machine and separate Blasting Chamber with garnet....more
  Desalination Plants
Desalination Plants Desalination Plants
ABJ diversified in to another line of business in 2008, commencement of new era of Construction, Transportation & Erectionof Evaporators....more
  Architectural Roof Structures
Architectural Roof Structures Architectural Roof Structures
ABJ is one of the few internationally qualified fabricators for design, fabrication and supply of Architectural Steel Structure systems....more
  Pressure and Process Piping
Pressure and Process Piping Pressure and Process Piping
ABJ possess specialized facilities for fabrication of large Inchdiameter of pre-fabricated pipe spools for mega projects such as....more
 Shop Fabricated Storage Tanks
Shop Fabricated Storage Tanks Shop Fabricated Storage Tanks

ABJ has software such as “TANK”, “E-TANK” and “Stadd Pro” to design and supply Pressurized Storage Vessels. These include LPG Bullets and Atmospheric Storage Tanks ...more

 New Additions
New Additions New Additions

ABJ has recently executed projects for the manufacture & supply of Direct and Indirect type Fired Heaters and Heat Recovery Steam Generators, widening our product range...more

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