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KOC Gathering Centers, GC-29, GC-30, GC-31 in northern Kuwait:
    Desalters, IGF Vessels & Skids: Gathering Centers 29, 30 and 31 in Northern Kuwait, has been part of the KOC's plan that aims at increasing crude production by the year 2020. For each of the 3 Gathering Centers, ABJ manufactured 4 Desalter vessels with internals, and 3 EWT Packages. Each package consisted of three IGF Vessels, Skids (Eductor Skids 3 Nos, Valve Skids 3 Nos, and Pump Skids 6 Nos) with all the Interconnecting Piping.
KNPC Clean Fuels Project in Kuwait.
    Pressure Vessels: KNPCs Clean Fuel Project is a strategic project to expand and upgrade Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi Refineries to be an integrated refining complex with a total capacity of 800,000 bpd. It is expected to boost Kuwait's global position in the oil refining industry. ABJ manufactured 85 Pressure Vessels for 4 packages, and for the JV’s of GSEC & CB&I.

    Pre-fabricated Piping: ABJ Fabricated: SS & Alloy Steel Pipe spool fabrication with Painting.

    CS & LTCS Pipe spool fabrication with Painting

    AS, CS, Cu-Ni, DSS, Inconel, LTCS, LAS, Monel & SS steel Pipe spool fabrication with, Painting, Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) and Pipe Supports
KOC Lower Fars Heavy Oil Development Project in norther Kuwait.
    Once Through Steam Generators: The Lower Fars heavy oil development project aims to extract heavy oil from the Lower Fars reservoir of the Ratqa oil field, which is located in the northern part of Kuwait. It is the first heavy oil project in the country and the biggest upstream project in the Middle East. ABJ manufactured 13 numbers Once Through Steam Generators (Each 110 MMBtu) for the Project.

    Piping Pre-Fabrication

    CS Pre-Fabrication and welding of Pipe spools.

KNPC New Refinery Project / KIPIC.
    Pressure Vessels: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) is developing a new multibillion grass root refinery in the Al-Zour area, 90km south of Kuwait City, known as the Al-Zour Refinery project (ZOR), it will primarily supply 225,000 barrels a day of low-Sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) to local power plants. It will also produce jet fuel, kerosene and naphtha feedstock for petrochemical plants. ABJ is manufacturing 41 vessels for the project Pre-fabricated Piping: ABJ is Fabricating:

    Inconel 625 Pipe spool fabrication, with supports

KNPC Fifth Gas Train.
    This strategic project on the regional level, is part of KPC strategy in expanding Kuwait capacity in the production and processing of gas to fulfill the local needs.

    Pre-fabricated Piping: ABJ Fabricated:

    SS Pipe spool fabrication

    Pipe Support

    Painting Activities and TSA
    The new liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal at Al-Zour in Kuwait includes the construction of a re-gasification facility, storage tanks and marine facilities. The LNG supplies from the facility will feed the power plants in the nation, enabling them to generate enough power to meet the electricity demand during peak times. ABJ is manufacturing tanks for this new facility.
KOC Early Production Facility at East Raudhatain
    Kuwait Oil Company has been seeking alternative solutions to increase the country's oil output and meet the goal of 4 million barrels per day (bpd) target by 2020. With this initiative, KOC decides to develop four oil and gas fields in the country's northern and western regions: West Raudhatain, East Raudhatain, Sabriyah and Umm Niqa. ABJ is fabricating pre-fabricated piping spools for the project
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