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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The objective of ABJ is to provide products and services which satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, with an emphasis on ever improving the quality of service and mutual benefit of both the customer and company.

In order to achieve this objective, ABJ has established an effective and efficient quality management system planned and developed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008

The Administrative, Departmental and Client/Project specific work instructions & procedures are documented on the “Corpnet” to satisfy the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance (QA) requirements.

Similarly, ABJ maintains documented work instructions and procedures to satisfy the requirements of ASME Codes & Standards governing the Quality Control (QC) Manuals relating to the shop accreditations such as ASME “U”, “U2”, “S”, “PP” “NB” & “R” Stamps. ABJ have supplied Pressure Vessels with CE Marking as per PED as well

The Company maintains an ongoing review of the quality management system to ensure it continues to be effective, efficient and compliant with the above mentioned accreditations.

In it’s commitment to quality improvement, ABJ acknowledges it’s responsibility to ensure personnel at all levels are conversant with the company objectives through the establishment of ongoing training programs.


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