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Health, Safety & Environment
 Health & Safety

Health and Safety is primarily our aim and will always be. With our dedicated health & safety  teams we constantly strive to maintain the highest possible International standards to implement our risk management programmes.  To further achieve our objectives, we have the backing of our Corporate HSE Team (Kharafi National) who has attained OHSAS 18001: 2007.

ABJ are proud to proclaim that over a period of years, we have evolved H&S standards to a level of achievement in-line with International benchmarks. 

ABJ has established a creditable Safety Management System and implements this system specifically to meet the requirements of each customer and project.

The Safety Management System includes:

Policy Statement
Personnel Responsibilities

Risk Assessment System

Hazard Management Program

Training Programs

Safety Meeting Program, Schedule and Topics

Accident Reporting and Investigation Procedures

Audits and Inspections

Emergency Response

Rewarding Good Suggestions and Ideas

Open Door Policies

Health and Welfare Schemes

Task Related Safety Awareness Information


ABJ invests in our personnel’s future.
Environmental Compliance

Environmental Management System


Environmental sustainability at ABJ begins with our pledge to deploy best practices for waste reduction, energy conservation, wise water use and controlled emissions to air and effluents releases to land & water. ABJ has established an Environmental Management System (EMS) that helps to achieve the environmental compliance obligations and environmental performance goals by properly managing our operations and activities. The EMS helps to minimize the environmental impact caused by our operations while continually improving the environmental performance.

The environmental management system applied in ABJ is based on the principles of ISO 14001; we are now aiming at ISO 14001 certification in the near future. Environmental objectives are also being established for all business lines and service departments and environmental considerations are an integral part of project planning.

Well-established EMS Procedures


Environmental Work Instructions (EWI) have been developed for application to specific elements of ISO 14001 standard requirements. Operational Control Procedures (OCP) are established, implemented and maintained for all operations/ activities that are associated with the significant environmental aspects where their absence could lead to deviation from the environmental policy, objectives and targets.

Project specific Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) and Operation Environmental Management Plans (OEMP) are developed wherever required; they provide a framework for defining actions/ control measures to manage potential environmental impacts during the construction/ operation phase.

Internal Environmental Auditing 


Internal environmental audits are conducted at planned intervals to verify the conformance to the planned arrangements for environmental management system requirements. Each audit report is reviewed and commented upon by the top management, and corrective actions, if required, are directly followed up by the senior management.

We believe in keeping the environment clean & green
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