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ABJ Industries PJSC - Abu Dhabi.
New fabrication facilities for ABJ in ICAD III

To support its exponential growth, ABJ, Kharafi National’s fabrication subsidiary, is investing heavily in purpose-built large-scale state-of-the-art workshops in Abu Dhabi.

The new fabrication facilities of ABJ Industries PJSC are being built in Zone Three of the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD III) in the UAE. The choice of ICAD III was a strategic decision.

ICAD III will enable ABJ to cater for clients in the oil and gas, power, water and waste water and industrial infrastructure sectors in Abu Dhabi. The location will also enable ABJ to fulfil its contractual commitments to GASCO for deliverables to the Habshan 5 project and to serve the South African, Middle Eastern and Western regions while retaining its cost competitiveness.

The new workshop will be just three kilometres from a major sea-port and the acquisition of their own Nicolas hydraulic trailers means that ABJ Industries PJSC will be able to easily handle the logistics of delivering massive fabricated consignments to far-away projects.

The fabrication facilities at ICAD III will have a footprint of over 250,000 square metres. All the necessary permits required to commence the civil works have been secured.

Indeed, the preparation of the land and the construction of office blocks, covered workshops, warehouses and radiography bunkers began in June 2010, while the sub-contracts for pre-engineered steel fabrication have been concluded and implementation is in progress.

In addition, delivery of state-of-the-art plant and machinery – such as CNC plate cutters (gas and plasma), plate rolling machines, CNC pipe profile cutters, SAW and FCAW column and boom automatic welding machines, pneumatic bevelling machines, a hydraulic press, motorized rotators with idlers, air compressors, hydro test pumps, radial drilling machines, milling machines, lathes, and so on – have been ongoing since June 2010.

The new work shops will have six covered bays with EOT Cranes. The rest of the plant will have spaces allocated to facilities that will include:

  • a welding training centre identical to the training centre in ABJ’s facilities in Kuwait, where welders will receive ‘hands-on’ training prior to qualification by a third party examiner;
  • radiography bunkers for the radiographic testing of pre-fabricated pipe spools and structure to ensure an uninterrupted work flow while protecting the health and safety of workers;
  • covered storage and a warehouse for storing bulk materials procured for projects as well as ‘free-issue’ materials from clients;
  • dedicated blasting and painting areas, both covered and open, for surface preparation;
  • a post-weld heat treatment furnace;
  • a large area for assembly, testing and pre-commissioning several finished products simultaneously.

ABJ is renowned for its use of advanced design technologies. At ICAD III, design and detail engineering software – such as Compress, PVElite, Stadd-pro, Nozzle-Pro, AUTOCAD, Strucad, and Tekla Structures – will be implemented gradually as they are needed for the first fabrication of various products.

The company’s production facilities in Kuwait are certified to international standards. During the first quarter of 2001, ABJ Industries PJSC will begin the steps needed to obtain ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation as well as authorization from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessels (NB) to apply ‘U’, ‘U2’, ‘S’, ‘PP’ accreditations and the ‘NB’ and ‘R’ stamps to its fabricated products.

To ensure the quality certification of products in a stringent and unbiased manner, destructive and non-destructive testing will be carried out by a qualified third party.

Protection of health, safety and the environment is a prime concern at ABJ. In Kuwait ABJ has, over the years, developed HSE standards that compare favourably with international benchmarks. These exemplary safety standards, which are undergoing continuous modification in the light of circumstances and are enforced strictly, will be transferred to its operations in Abu Dhabi, where they will be implemented using dedicated teams to supervise incentive-based HSE programmes under the supervision of the KN Corporate HSE department.

The new facilities will be operational by the final quarter of 2010. When they open they will have a backlog of approximately one million “INCH DIA”of pipe spools and associated structural steel to be fabricated as part of ABJ’s commitment to GASCO for the Habshan 5 project. Once these are being manufactured, production will be stepped-up in a phased manner to include pressure vessels and a host of other products.

Supported by ABJ’s impressive track record in fabrication and its wide-ranging product portfolio, and through the use of brand-new highly-advanced facilities, the professional teams in ABJ Industries PJSC will be able to guarantee their clients consistent, high-quality products at very competitive prices.
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